Sketch from SPX 2009

I did this sketch back in ’09 for a wonderful Swamp Thing sketchbook:

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Mike Zagari at the NYCC ’10 Comic Social Club booth #2461

Come on out to the New York Comic Con this week from October 8th – 10th and head on over to the Comic Social Club Booth #2461 to meet Mike Zagari and grab copies of Human on the Inside, exclusive prints, shirts and more!

*UPDATED* New York Comic Con 2010 company branded floor plans (work in progress) :

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Head to to read FREE FULL ISSUES of Human on the Inside #1, Conscious #1, and Conscious #2.

Also, make sure to check out the FREE PREVIEW of Human on the Inside #2.

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Human on the Inside: things to come…

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King Con II

The Brooklyn Lyceum is gearing up for another KING CON Comic & Animation Convention this year! The show is currently scheduled for November 4-7, 2010. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all of the exciting news and information on the show here:

Unfortunately, I’ll be taking on more of a consultant role this year. Even though I had a terrific time helping co-organize the show last year, it ended up being much more time consuming than I was expecting. Don’t fret! I’ll also be exhibiting and will have the latest issue of HUMAN ON THE INSIDE and some fancy new art prints. Stay tuned for more information on them, as well as any of my upcoming projects.

The first KING CON was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait for this year’s show to top it!

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Human on the Inside #2 is complete.

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It’s coming – Human on the Inside #2 – Sketches & Studies

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Apple’s iPad and Creating Art

I’m getting the iPad immediately. Those were my words when Apple made their iPad announcement on January 27, 2010. Many of my friends and colleagues were surprised to hear me say this. Actually, they were more surprised by the name chosen and spent the next week making feminine hygiene jokes. Those were the days.

Though I try to stay immersed in digital media and keep all my electronics powerful enough to support my current projects, I’ve never been someone who makes right-out-of-the-gate device purchases. Trial and error could be a pricey road to go down in today’s quickly evolving digital world. However, at the end of the day, everything about the iPad is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

It has three main purposes for me:

1) READING BOOKS & COMICS: I’ve been using the Apple iBooks and comiXology Comics & Marvel Apps and have been very pleased. They both work intuitively and easily to do just what they promise. My only critique for the iBook app is showing the edge of the “pages”. It’s counter-intuitive since it just takes up screen space. As for the comiXology Apps, I’m curious as to why they do not support showing multiple pages at the same time. Otherwise, they have the best comic reading app, hands down.

2) DISPLAYING REFERENCE (for creating traditional art): The crisp and easy to navigate Apple Photos App has made this to be (surprisingly) my most used feature of the device. Now any and all reference can be on my drawing table, right in front of me. Of course, it’s also now filled with embarrassing photos of me and my friends. Have to remember to consistently delete those.

3) DIGITAL SKETCHING & PAINTING: For this I took a nod from Jim Lee’s work and immediately purchased Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro App . It’s a great App that has a high versatility of brushes and colors, as well as simple to understand and navigate layer capabilities. It seems to be predominantly created for finger painting, since the shortcuts involve touching the screen with multiple fingers. It’s relatively intuitive and my only critique is I don’t believe there is a shortcut to set the canvas at 100%.

I also purchased the Pogo Sketch. I ripped open the package in the Apple store and immediately created this sketch:

I dig being to able to draw on the device with a pen. I feel much more in control of my line work, as opposed to the finger painting. However, it is difficult to be truly precise due to the stylus pen’s round, felt-tip end. I hope Steve Job takes back his iPhone comments: “Who wants a stylus?? Yuck!” and they create a better stylus for the iPad. Apple could truly revolutionize creating art digitally if they somehow create a more precise device, closer to the Wacom / Cintiq pens.

Following my visit to the Apple store, I went to the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art festival and thought it would be interesting to have several different artists sketch on the device. Of course, I really did this just to watch some talented illustrators struggle at creating art. Just kidding. Running off my first sketch, I requested that all of the artists create a Batman sketch. Here are some of the results:

Art by: Bobby Timony
Art by: Tim Hamilton
Art by: Kevin Colden
Art by: Dean Haspiel
Art by: Jon Roscetti
Art by: Matt Loux

A surprise bonus to the iPad is having the ability to watch movies and television episodes. Ultimately though, I still prefer watching them on a real screen. It only happens when I’m too lazy to find the remote.

All in all, Apple’s iPad has fully lived up to my expectations. Whether I’m reading, drawing, or just viewing reference, it’s just what I was looking for. Now I’m looking forward to the day when I can take it out in public without hearing more feminine hygiene jokes.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes, to understand someone better, I like to sketch a portrait of them.

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More about King Con ’09

After helping run King Con, I have to admit that even though we were faced with many skeptical individuals, I think we ran a fantastic first show. Yes, we hit a few speed bumps along the way, but everyone helping us put the event together (which was the first time most of them had been exposed to running a show like this) brought in the elevated energy to make it a success. We weren’t trying to one-up any other con or be the biggest con in NYC, but rather just run a great show filled with all the talented comic and animation folk that are passionate about their work. I don’t blame some for being skeptical, but it’s definitely the optimists that made the show have such a great vibe!

I also exhibited at Zine Fest, which is one of the main reasons I became an adviser for King Con. Zine Fest was a fantastic show which had a mandate of “self-published / handmade stories” on your table and it took place solely on the lower level of the Brooklyn Lyceum. There were a few self-publishing comic creators there like myself, but overall, I don’t believe too many of the customers actually read comics or were familiar with the comics industry. That’s fine, but I thought to myself “What if we brought the entire comics community to a space like this?” I mentioned to the coordinators that I would be down with helping put together an actual comic convention. King Con’s Event Coordinator, Regan Fishman, called me up a few weeks later and we started from there.

Now maybe I was predominantly optimistic because I experienced exhibiting at Zine Fest, but to make this a more comic-centric show, I knew there needed to be some major additions. We reached out to several very talented individuals including Brian Wood, Dean Haspiel, Jeff Newelt and Ron Perazza, who were all very supportive and excited about King Con. We then set up sixteen panels, which took place on the upper levels of the Lyceum. They covered all the diverse parts of the comic industry – from mainstream, to underground, to digital comics, to kids comics and more. We also had three workshops in which the attendees interacted with the panelists to learn hands-on about drawing comics, creating a character, and lettering comics. All these factors made the show a solid event and something I’m very proud to be a part of. I’m looking forward to working with the Brooklyn Lyceum again for a King Con 2010 and hope you’ll be there!

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